Lime OilIntroduction:

Every child’s childhood is incomplete without the memory of a hot, summer day with no electricity. This image is also incomplete without the following sequence wherein the lady of the house calls everyone into the kitchen, bribing them with a glass of cold, lime juice. Lime has been an integral part of everyone’s life in some way or the other. For some people, lime juice has been their drink of immortality and it still continues to be for many, for some the very sight of the fruit fills them with joy and happiness, and the newest thing that is playing a part to add to the legacy of lime is the lime oil. Lime oil is an extract that contains the goodness of the fruit in its full potent and can prevent the onset of a number of diseases and disorders that are caused by vitamin C deficiency including Scurvy, and some other skin problems.

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Market for Lime Oil:

Lime oil has uses that exceed its storage in the medicine box or medicine cabinet of the house. It has a varied number of uses that include treatment of tetanus wounds, some internal and external wounds and infections. Apart from this it can also be used to get rid of tough stains on your wood, act as an essential oil and can be used in spas, Ayurveda treatments and also as a natural perfume in reed diffusers in cars and also offices and homes. Most of the lime oil that is supplied all over the world comes from Mexico and this figure is close to about 60% according to the latest evaluation that was conducted. The largest consumer of Lime oil is the United States of America for a number of purposes. It is also used for research purposes where the scope of use for lime oil is constantly being explored and people are finding ways in which it can be used in other industries as well. Following the US is the European markets wherein people have taken a liking to the pungent smell of the lime oil that they believe it gives them a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Then comes the Asia Pacific region where lime is a favorite among most of countries located in this region and the people here need no reason to favor a product that is a byproduct of the lime industry.


Lime oil is a product that has so many varied uses and research is constantly proving that it can be used in many regions and sectors for a variety of reasons.

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