cholangiopancreatography deviceGeneral information about cholangiopancreatography device

Cholangiopancreatography device is a modern tool used in the medical examination of the duodenum, the bile ducts, the papilla of Vater, the pancreatic duct and the gallbladder. This device is a flexible, long instrument used in viewing and diagnosing the problems related to bile ducts, pancreas and liver. The diameter of this device is approximately equal to that of a pen. This is capable of moving along the numerous bends which are present in the duodenum and the stomach. A sleek bundle of optic fiber is incorporated into this device and this is used to transmit light inside the body. A chip held on a thin wire at the tip of this device is used to obtain digital video images on a TV screen present outside.

Market trends for cholangiopancreatography device

The Global Market For Cholangiopancreatography Device is anticipated to witness a growth at a fair rate over the coming years. The ability of this technique to diagnose the diseases of gastrointestinal system in less complicated way is the market driving factor for this. The technique has gained popularity among the customers in the recent years due to the growing implementation of this device in multiple areas of treatment of gastroenterology, hence leading to the expansion of the market industry for cholangiopancreatography device.

More details about cholangiopancreatography device

This device finds vivid application in the branch of gastroenterology. This uses intravenous sedation, thus avoiding the risks associated with the administration of general anesthesia. Its use extends minimum number of complications to the client. This device is capable of providing valuable diagnostic results which cannot be obtained via diagnostic procedures such as CT scan, abdominal ultrasound and MRI. This device can accompany in therapeutic measures which carry out the removal of stones from the ducts of bile and in relieving obstruction of these ducts. Problems related to the gastrointestinal system which can be diagnosed and treated include jaundice, blockage of the duct of bile due to cancer, gallstones, compression resulting from the nearby organs and tumors or strictures, presence of prolong pain in the upper abdominal area which cannot be found out using other diagnostic tests, growth of dysfunctional Sphincter of Oddi present in the Papilla of Vater and it also assists in the confirmation of the formation of pancreatic cancer. The risk factor associated with this device is calculatedly low but it requires a skilled professional for using this device.


The field of medical has witnessed the introduction of a wide number of new technologies, cholangiopancreatography device being one of them. This device has been well accepted owing to the advantages it provides which has hence resulted in the growth of product.

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