Network Analysis Module (NAM)Introduction:

Network Analysis Module (NAM) products offer solutions for issues pertaining to network. The increasing demands for connectivity amongst people through large networks have consequently driven the hype for Network Analysis Module (NAM) systems. Many organizations require enhanced performance oriented network monitoring software systems that will effectively diminish the rate of network outages. Network analysis software products are often necessarily asked to be offered with reliable features like deployment versatility, high speed and swift identification of root issues. There are other expectations which include high quality hardware, extension of visibility into wireless access points, consistent performance and the ability to adapt accordingly for new business demands. Complications pertaining to security threat, poor network performance and mismanagement of traffic are increasing expeditiously and hence the requirement of network error unraveling software systems has become quintessential for various corporations. The intricacies faced in an IT environment could effectively be solved by Network Analysis Module products.

Market value of Network Analysis Module (NAM):

The global market value of early Network Analysis Module (NAM) systems has increased manifold in the recent years due to its wide scope of applications in various fields. Market analysts have stated that the Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent is said to increase by a considerable amount in the impending years. There are generally three categories of organizations involved with respect to the revenue yield of the firm. They are small enterprises, medium enterprises and large enterprises. The countries of North America secure the largest market with very high revenue yield immediately followed by West European countries. This is majorly due to the technological advancements over the past few years. Asian pacific countries like China and India could produce high revenue yield as well, due to their developing nature and due to the increase in number of small and medium firms. The highly competitive environment has heavily pushed business firms to opt for these solutions.

Market trend:

In a world filled with unethical hackers, data cannot be left unprotected and hence the need to install high end network analysis products and trouble shoot issues related to confidentiality breaches, traffic management, data destruction and manipulation; however the high installation costs have staggered the market hype standards for smaller enterprises. On the other hand, large enterprises require network analysis modules to manage the data through effective dispersion of networkamongst the various branches of their organization.


The Organizations encompassing Education, BFSI, Manufacturing, Telecom and IT, Energy, Healthcare and life sciences, Public Sector & Utilities, and Retail essentially require network analysis products and hence the inevitable growth.

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