Transcutaneous Oxygen MonitorsIntroduction:

Oxygen is that element of the periodic table that is probably the most important and is considered to be the basis for the reason for our very existence. A few seconds without oxygen supply can shut down the most complicated systems in our body, bring a standstill to every working function within us and leave us paralyzed and brain dead. Nerves and neurons that are present in the brain need oxygen every second so that they can control the functions throughout the body. However when these cells are deprived of the basic oxygen that they need, they can’t connect to the muscular system or the cerebral system and can shut down the entire body. Hence it is very important to monitor the level of oxygen in the human body. Especially for people who have disorders and conditions that can reduce the oxygen levels in the body. One efficient, accurate and painless way to do this is through the transcutaneous Oxygen monitors that have been recently developed to monitor the level of oxygen in the bod. It is a non- invasive method that measures the level of oxygen in the body tissues that are present right beneath the skin and it is one of the most effective ways to do so.

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Market for Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitors:

Transcutaneous Oxygen measurement monitors are gaining a lot of popularity all over the world especially because the it is a new and constantly developing method that helps in measuring the oxygen that is present in the blood in a manner that is non- invasive and hence painless. It is also extremely accurate because blood is the carrier of oxygen in the entire body and since these oxygen monitors measure the oxygen in the tissues that are directly beneath the skin, it is very accurate as well. It is mainly used by medical professionals. Individual doctors, hospitals and patients who are terminally ill and need constant monitoring and care. The technology is also being constantly developed with every passing day and is being improved for the better.North America currently has the largest market share with regards to the usage of these monitors both for consumption purposes as well as for research and developmental purposes. Asia Pacific markets have the largest growth rates for these products especially due to the growing health care facilities and the growing population rates in these markets.


The Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitors are extremely useful and are enjoying a very rapidly growing market at present due to the various advantages that are associated with it and it will continue to grow in the near future.

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