Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System is proof that technology in the medical field has advanced to such great extents that nothing is impossible. There are constant developments taking place in the medical field that in the next few years there shall be no disease that can be termed as incurable or terminal any more. Constant research and hard work of thousands of people has helped doctors to achieve the impossible that is to use the Nano particles that are present to cross the blood brain barrier and provide the necessary medication required. Nanoparticle Drug Delivery system as sparked hopes for a cure for certain diseases that have been termed as terminal for hundreds of years now including Parkinson’s, Depression, Alzheimer’s etc.

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Markets for Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System:

Nanomedicine has been one of the biggest things nowadays in the field of medicine and research in the field of nanomedicine has skyrocketed in the recent few years. The reason for this is very simple. The first phase of research into nanomedicine bore extremely fruitful results in improving the life of a patient for the better. It has brought back many from over the edge and given many others a ray of hope to look forward to. The Drug delivery system has been the most interesting and promising discovery out of the research on nanomedicine and it has also been effective in the process of commercialization. At present, North America leads the world in having the largest market share with respect to the nanoparticle drug delivery system with about 75% of the entire sales of nanomedicine coming only from the drug delivery system. At present, there are 15 new pharma companies working on the drug delivery system only in North America.

Advantages of using the nanoparticle drug delivery system:

The main advantages of using the nanoparticle drug delivery system is that it increases the chances of the bio availability of the drug by directly inducing it into the blood brain barrier rather following the conventional system of passing the drug through the veins.

When nanoparticles act as drug carriers, it increases the stability of the drug and increases the possibilities through which the drug can be administered. Moreover, it also provides greater room for the integration of the two main kinds of substances that is the hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances.


Nano particle drug delivery system is one of the most advanced medical techniques that has been discovered and practiced till date. It is an expensive procedure, and there is still constant research being carried out in the field.

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