DHA Supplements Introduction:

DHA refers todocosahexaenoic acid, which is an omega-3 fatty acid used as a crucial supplement for pregnant women. The poly unsaturated fatty acids present in brain and retina are immensely accoutered by docosahexaenoic acid. There has been numerous research experiments conducted in the previous years that have divulged the nutritional beneficiary factors of consuming DHA supplements. However, some tests had revealed the DHA supplements’ failure to fulfill the expectations of curing a certain condition. A recent 2017 feasibility study, revealed that constant intake of DHA supplements could possibly suppress the symptoms of depression. Also, another research study revealed that intake of DHA supplements reducedinflammation caused by tumor markers in men. DHA levels in the body are found highly diminished for mentally depressed patients. On the other hand, DHA levels are found in high proportion for breastfeeding mothers. 

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Market value of DHA supplements:

The Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent has reportedly increased in the past few years for the market of DHA supplements. The major market driving factor is the high consumption rate for nutritional gain purposes. The key competitors in the market include Novotech Nutraceuticals, DSM, Martek Biosciences, Kingdoway, Stepan Company, Lonza, Navchetana Kendra Health Care Private, Qingdao Sunrise Trading and Arjuna Natural Extract. The DHA supplement products that are advertised in the market are split on the basis of components present in it. The categories include fatty acids, phospholipids and sea food fats and oils. The major regions implicated in the market scene include North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India.The final customer merchandise includes dairy products, baby food products, fats, oils & sweet spreads, functional food and nutritional gain products, grain mill products and bakery products. Marine and floral vegetation are the major sources of DHA. The pivotal sources under the categories of marine and plant sources include fish oil, algal oil. Krill oil, salmon oil, tuna oil, herring oil, flax seed oil, chia seed oil soybean oil and canola oil. Fishes acquire DHA by directly consuming under water micro algae that are rich producers of docosahexaenoic acid. Fish capsules that comprises of essentially required DHA and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) oils are available in the market. Both DHA and EPA oils have proven to enhance cardio vascular health and hence very essential for heart patients.

Market trend:

The increasing awareness created amongst people regarding health and personal care has effectively increased the market growth rate and altered the trend.


The Global Market Value Of DHA Supplements will reportedly reach a new high in the impending years, as new solutions employing DHA supplements to cure health complications arrive in the market.