Avocado Oil Introduction:

Avocado oil is one amongst the frequently used edible oils, that can be used as both food and cooking oils. The refined form of avocado oil has the highest smoke point due to its high quality and low Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content. It is also one amongst the few edible oils that is not pressed from seeds, but rather procured by pressing the pulp of the fruit, which in this case is the commercially available fleshy fruit called avocado. The oil extracted has multiple commercial properties, which creates quite the hype for it to be in the market scene. Avocado oil as culinary oil has the properties similar to that of an olive oil. It can also be used as pomade, for it possesses exceptional regenerative and moisturizing properties.

Market value of avocado oil:

The Global Market Value Of Avocado Oil Market has seen considerable growth in the past few years and is expected to grow manifold in the impending years. Market analysts have stated that the growth is undeniable due to the wide scope for application in various sectors. This supposedly has the capability to increase the hype for avocado oil market and could apparently witness growth at a huge Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent. Millennials have learnt to adapt and opt for healthier products, rather than choosing products based upon ersatz synthesis. This has consequently driven the market growth rate for products like avocado oils that possess very low fatty acid content. The technological advancements in food processing industries have proven to be very futuristic and could be essentially pondered as a market driver. Avocado oils in the market are generally classified on the basis of refinement. The categories of avocado oils in the market include refined avocado oil, extra virgin avocado oil and crude avocado oil. The different sectors that require the usage of avocado oils are food industries, industries encompassing cosmetics and skin care products and other minor industries in the market scene. The trend of consumption for avocado and its edible oil has a significant growth rate since 1970’s and the major reason for growth happens to be the presence of nutritious content that effectively entails fifteen percent of FDA’ s recommended daily saturated fat content. 

Market trend:

Avocado oil has been endorsed as healthy dietary oil and is an efficient provenance of mono saturated fat content. This robust health beneficiary factor has heavily driven the market.


The growth curve is of definite upward fashion and is said to enhance in the upcoming years due to the salubrious, wholesome content of avocado oil.

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