General information about next generation sequencing software

Next generation sequencing is generally used for the production of short read pairs or short reads which are short sequences of less than or equal to 200 bases in the process of DNA sequencing. In order carry out a comparison of the sequenced DNA sample to the reference sequence, it is required to identify the corresponding portion of that particular sequence for each read present in the sequencing data. This method is termed as mapping or aligning the reads against their reference sequences. There are a number of software packages which are used for this entire process.

Market trends for next generation sequencing software

The Global Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Software Market is expected to grow at a significant compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2015-2020. At the global level, North America has been seen to be the major market and is predicted to dominate this market along with the U.S. holding a major share, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. India and China, in the Asian market, are expected to witness a hike in this market. This technology has witnessed a growth in the market owing to its promotion by academicians and research laboratories, its reduced cost, increasing support for different government bodies which would promote the usage of NGS in the field of research and development, and hence have been the market driving factors for NGS software. Adding to these, the increasing rate of cancer incidences, growth in economies, drastically reduced genetic testing costs on a mass scale and the increasing number of development activities in countries like China, India and Singapore has also attracted the investors to this market, hence expanding the market industry for next generation sequencing (NGS) software.

Further details about next generation sequencing software

This technology has revolutionized the biomedical research works since it has brought genome and RNA sequencing to an affordable level which has made it a common tool which is widely used in a variety research applications. There are a number of software packages which have been brought in for the proper implementation of this technology. Some of these are BWA, Partek, Stampy, Bowtie, TMAP, SHRiMP2, SNP-o-matic, extGenMap, CLC workstation and Novoalign.


The continuous demand for new methodologies in the modern day has driven the arrival of various technologies. NGS Software is one such technology which has brought a significant change in the arena of genomics and has proved to meet the expectations. The urge for better technologies has and will always keep the research and development works going on.

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