Sunflower oil is stable non-volatile oil procured by scrunching sunflower seeds using appropriate techniques. It is a soothing moisturizer (an emollient) and essential cooking oil. The demand for this oil is quite extortionate because of its wide spread application range including food preparation and fuel needs. The production value of sun flower crop was 772.8 million in 2012, higher than its 2011 value. In 2014, the total amount of sunflower oil produced was 15.8 million tonnes and the leading countries with its production were Ukraine, Russia, Argentina and Turkey.

Market value of sunflower oil:

The Global Market Value Of Sunflower Oil has soared high in the recent years. As pointed out by, Michael Boland and Jeri Stroade from Kansas State University, the demand for sunflower oil has only risen over the course of time as food processors are looking out fortrans-fat free vegetable oils. It was also noted that Frito-Lay, a leading snack producer in Texas, USA switched over to NuSun sunflower oil, in order to reduce the saturated fats in its potato chips. This switch over, to sunflower oil was a health beneficiary, yet a commercial move to pull in more customers. The elimination of Trans fat and saturated fat in the food items, is espoused by all the government agencies and health organizations. Hence, this turns out to be an essentially required move made by every food related company. Apparently, the key market driving factor is the high rate of health benefits offered by sunflower oil. NuSun sun flower oil is considered to be the most, viable due to its healthier content. Ithas greater percentage of mono saturated and lenoleic fats. The name of NuSun was popularly branded by the National Sunflower Association (NSA). The prices of oil producing sun flower seeds and non-oil producing sunflower seeds have a steady rise rate since 2000’s.

Types of sunflower oil and its market:

Lenoleic sunflower oil: This type of oil is highly rich in vitamin E and comprises of 69 percent poly unsaturated essential fatty acids. The major constituent is the “lenoleic acid” which is an omega-6 acid. This is an exceptional vegetable oil choice for baking and frying. It is preferred more by home users.

High oleic sunflower oil: This type of oil is preferred more for industrial applications due to its high mono saturated fat content which is approximately around 80 percent or more. This renders packaged food items to be preserved and stored for a longer duration.

Mid oleic sun flower oil: This type of oil, popularly known as the NuSun is the most prevalent in the market for its quality of evenhandedness.


The production and market of sunflower oil has a universal acclaim for its economically driven health beneficiary factor.

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