Acai berry, with the facade similar to that of a grape is a purple colored fruit that grows on Brazilian palm trees and are very rich in anti oxidants. Acai berries are regular routine food items in urban Amazonian areas, where they are dished up along with cassava floor and fish. There have been numerous controversies over the years, with acai companies, for their online bartering cases, that often make fake weight loss promises. Research studieshave revealed, that the amount of anti-oxidants present in acai berries are relatively lesser, when compared to the anti-oxidants present in fruits like grape, blue berry and black cherry  besides there have been no proper evidences for weight loss through anti-oxidants.

Market value of Acai berry:

The Market Of Acai Berry had abrupt positive twist and turns in the early 2008, after a famous segment in Oprah Winfrey show publicized the usage of acai fruit in a dessert and its usage as a beverage. There were also heated up altercations, after the sudden engrossment of acai berries. In the recent years, acai berry producing companies have seen significant success, in the Global market. The two paramount, market driving factors are the two pivotal applications of acai berries in the food production and beverage production sectors. As per reports, the market value had reached around half a billion dollars and is expected to hit a value of around two billion dollars in terms of revenue. Acai berry producers have been spotted as the leading sectors of the global market, in terms of their elevating market value. The volume, to be expected in 2026 is around 800,00o tonnes, while the current volume of production is slightly higher than 238,000 tonnes for the year 2016.

The various sectors of acai berry applications:

Acai berry producing companies have been concentrating on four different sectors in terms of application and have evidently succeeded more in the food and beverages sector. The other sectors include nutraceuticals, cosmetics and personal care. The health beneficiary factor drives the market demand for acai berries in nutraceuticals sector. Consumption of acai berry in forms of capsules and powder have been widely popularized for its rich content of anti oxidants and its sturdy influence on fitness and well being.


The controversial acai berries have yielded nothing but success to its producers and the brand has already taken over the food and beverages section by storm in terms of its high revenue values in the market.

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