Mobile edge computing is based on the concept of network architecture which extends the capabilities of cloud computing and an environment of IT service at the cellular network edge. This technology bringsideas like running of applications and performing related processing tasks closer to the customers using mobile devices. This helps in reducing the network congestion and thus applications are allowed to provide better performances. This technology is basically developed to work at the cellular base stations, hence facilitating easier and quicker distribution and functioning of new services and upcoming applications to the customers.

What does the news say about MEC?

The Global Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Market is expected to expand at a considerable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) the forecast period. This rate of growth is expected to increase the revenue from USD 73.8 million in 2016 to a much higher value. Europe has marked for the maximum share in global market. It has been shown to hold a share of 43.5%. The global market survey predicts that Europe will be registering an impressive CAGR in the coming years. The growing demand for techniques which consume low energy, need for lowering data explosion and traffics in networking, demand for low dormancy of data in computing and improved performance are some of the market driving factors for this field. The improving technologies being introduced to the consumers which meet their demands has led to the growth of the market industry of MEC.

The cause and effect relationship that MEC has:

The primary reason which brought in the necessity for MEC into scenario is the increasing number of complex mobile applications being introduced and the capabilities of mobile devices which carry certain limitations on their operations. This led to the need for a technology which would take the maximum advantage of cloud computing and run mobile applications remotely. MEC executes the mobile applications remotely and serves a range of benefits to mobile applications, which count right from gesture recognition and voice control which incorporate the processing of sensory data within real time, to video playback and mobile gaming which involve expensive multimedia computations. The MEC technology has brought computation and storage closer to its end-users. It has also been successful in improving mobility support and its active implementation to a large number of consumers.


With the increasing research work in the field of technology, many new concepts have been introduced to the consumers. MEC is also one of them. Although there still remain some areas which can be improved, this technology has been extremely popular. The consumers have shown a positive response to this technology, hence increasing its popularity day-by-day.

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