In vitro fertilisation also known as IVF is an assisted reproductive organs technology. This is a process of fertilisation wherein the eggs are extracted and a sperm sample is retrieved, these egg and sperm samples are then manually combined in a laboratory dish in order to form an embryo. The embryo so formed is then transferred to the uterus.

Market analysis

The Global Market Of In Vitro Fertilisation Devices is soaring really high lately. Moreover it is predicted that it is going to continue this trend of growth in the future years as well. Researchers through their studies reveal that the in vitro devices market is expected to witness immense growth in the upcoming around five years, growing at a substantial compound annual growth rate, thereby garnering maximum market revenue share. This growth of the in vitro fertilisation devices market is subject to the market driving factors contributing towards growth of its market industry at a global level.

Some of the major factors driving the market towards growth are-

  1. One of the major reasons for the rise in the growth of the market industry of in vitro fertilisation devices market at a global level is the rising awareness and knowledge and acceptance among the people regarding infertility worldwide.
  2. Another important factor that can be held responsible for driving the market growth is the rapid development and advancements in the techniques and procedures of in vitro fertilisation owing to the advancing technology.
  3. The rising expenditures by people on health care now a days is another prominent factor fuelling the market growth.
  4. Growing incidences and cases of infertility found in the population is a reason for the growth of the market industry of in vitro fertilisation devices as well.
  5. One other factor that needs to be taken into account is the easy availability of in vitro fertilisation devices making their market to grow immensely.
  6. The market industry growth of IVF devices will also be owing to the latest and most recent technological innovations i.e., the introduction of embryo scope and capsule IVF.
  7. Movement of people from conventional infertility treatments such as infertility medication, towards the advanced technology of in vitro fertilisation is going to give the opportunity for growth to the in vitro fertilisation devices market at a global level.

Whereby there are numerous opportunities and market driving factors fuelling the growth of the market industry of in vitro fertilisation devices, the inherent high cost with respect to these devices paired up with strenuous maintenance issues, thereby making it unaffordable is going to hamper its growth till some extent.

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