Morphine is an opiate type pain medication which is naturally found in a number of plants and animals. It is used for reducing the feeling of pain. For this purpose it acts directly on the central nervous system. It helps in curing and decreasing both acute pain and chronic pain.Isolation from the poppy straw of opium poppy is considered to be the primary source of morphine. Studies reveal that more than about five lakh kilo grams of morphine was produced in the year 2013. Out of the total morphine about forty five thousand kilo grams of morphine approximately was used directly for the purpose of reducing the feeling of pain.Morphine is most commonly used to deal with the pain during labour or for the pain from myocardial infarction. It is also used in the treatment of acute pulmonary edema.

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It can be transferred into the human body in a number of ways–

  1. It can be given to the patient directly by mouth. When morphine is given by mouth the maximum effect is for around sixty minutes. Whereby the duration of the effect lasts from ranging between about three to seven hours.
  2. It may also be injected into the patient’s muscle directly if it is not possible to give it orally.
  3. It can also be let into the body of the patient intravenously into the space around the spinal cord. The maximum effect when morphine is given intravenously lasts for about one third the time it does when given by mouth, i.e. twenty minutes.

Formulations acting for a longer period for a prolonged effect of morphine are also available.

Morphine is said to have serious side effects. Few of them are-

  1. Morphine in take may lower down the blood pressure of the patient making the patient to feel drowsy.
  2. Furthermore consumption of morphine decreases the respiratory effort.
  3. Morphine is claimed to have a high power and potential to make a person get addicted to it. Addiction to morphine may turn out to be really devastating for a person’s health.
  4. Withdrawal is expected to occur in case if the dosage of morphine is reduced after a long term usage.
  5. Another common side effect of consuming morphine is the feeling of drowsiness making the patient feel nauseating.
  6. A feeling of vomiting may also be felt after morphine Intake.
  7. Constipation is another possible side effect related to the same.
  8. Intake of morphine may affect the baby if taken during pregnancy and is thereby strictly advised to avoid the usage of the same in such a condition.