According biotechnology , flow cytometry is a technology that is used for the purpose of biomarker detection, protein engineering, cell counting and cell sorting by the way of releasing the cells to be tested upon in a stream of any fluid and then passing those cells through an electronic machine for the purpose of detection.A Flow cytometry has the ability to analyse simultaneously thousands of particles in a second for studying their physical and chemical properties.It is in a routine used for the tests conducted while blood cancers and many other health problems. Apart from this is also widely used for the purposes of clinical practice, clinical trials and basic researches.

Market trends and analysis

The market of flow cytometry at a global level is witnessing immense growth lately.It is expected that this market industry will consistently follow this trend in the upcoming years as well. The Global Market Of Flow Cytometry subject to register at a considerable compound annual growth rate and is predicted to reach at a substantial market value in the upcoming 4-5 years from an initial value of somewhere around three billion US dollars lately. This growth is a resultant of the market driving factors influencing the growth of the market industry of flow cytometry to a positive direction aiming towards its growth at a global level.

Following are some of the factors potentially driving the market industry towards growth –

  1. Increasing use of flow cytometry technology in clinical trials is a major factor fuelling the market growth.
  2. Developments and advancements in the field of flow cytometry instruments owing to the advancing technology is another prominent market driving factor.
  3. The disturbingly rising prevalence of HIV/AIDS and cancer among the people is promoting the market growth of flow cytometry industry globally.
  4. Growing use of flow cytometry techniques and procedures for the purpose of research activities will help in the rising growth of this market too.
  5. Development of intuitive and user friendly software with respect to flow cytometry will assist in rising its market growth as well.
  6. For specific applications like diagnostics and drug discoveries, new reagents are launched contributing towards the growth of the market.

The market industry of flow cytometry can be bifurcated into two segments based on technology namely bead based flow cytometry and cell based flow cytometry.On the basis of application this market industry can be divided into three parts namely industrial applications, clinical applications and research applications.Out of all the three research applications is going to hold maximum share on the basis of applications in the near future and is doing so lately too.

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