Dilatometeris a scientific device which basically measures the changes in volume which might be caused by physical or chemical processes. This device has a wide range of applications. These are used to fabricate the metallic alloys, glasses, plastics, ceramic products, composite materials, compressed and sintered refractory compounds. Another use of this device is the monitoring of chemical reaction progress, specifically the reactions which result in a substantial molar volume change. This device also measures the thermal expansion which is a vital parameter in engineering field.  There are various types of dilatometers which include connection rod (push rod) dilatometers, capacitance dilatometers, optical dilatometers and high resolution laser dilatometers, all of these have their associated applications.

Market for dilatometers (DIL)

The Global Market For Dilatometers (DIL) is expected to expand during the forecast period of 2016-2021. The market industry for dilatometers is growing due to the increased introduction of scientific devices in various fields. The demand for automated devices and their successful implementation in different arenas have proved to be the market driving factors for the growth of the dilatometers market at the global level.

Advantages and Disadvantages of dilatometers (DIL):


Dilatometers can be used to obtain quick results. Owing to all the data logging and the analysis most f which is driven by automated systems, the dilatometers can provide quick results.

These can be used in commercial purposes for obtaining reliable results. The operation of these devices being more scientific and hence accurate than conventional methods, can be used to get reliable results.

These devices are used in the calibration of complex problems. The dilatometers are routinely used in the calibration of finite models f elements with complex problems.


There are many cases like familiar design rules and the empirical factors which aredependent on parameters which are in turn obtained from the traditional techniques.  The cases like thin cannot always be used with the values derived from the dilatometers.

Dilatometers have complex designs. These devices and the instruments which are related to them have complex structures as compared to the conventional ones and hence it requires trained personnel to operate these devices.

Inappropriate analysis by dilatometers can lead to serious results. Since these devices are used in the commercial purposes, if the data they provide after interpretation of analysis is not appropriate, this can ultimately result in misleading parameters which can have serious impacts.


With the development of science and technology, many instruments have been introduced which have brought about a good change in various fields they are applied to, dilatometer being one of them. Keeping the safe limits in mind, devices like this can be used immensely to serve the global market.

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