Dye – sensitised solar cells are a type of low cost photovoltaic cells of third generation that helps in conversion of every visible form of light energy into electrical energy. They are also often known as dye sensitised cells. It can be used to convert all the forms of light energy, be it natural or artificial light into electrical energy that can be used to power various electronic devices.

Dye-sensitised solar cells are made by making use of the technique of roll printing and is much more advantageous and beneficial as compared to the old conventional glass based systems.

Market trends

The Market Industry Of Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells are reaching great heights and are growing immensely at present at a global level. This growth is the resultant of various market driving factors continuously working towards the growth and development of this market industry. Studies and statistics make it clear that the market industry of dye-sensitised solar cells owing to the market driving factors is initially valued at around 50 million U.S. Dollars and is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 12% approximately in the upcoming years. This is an estimation for about the next five years as per the latest trends and technology.

Benefits, uses and market driving factors

  1. Owing to the technological advancements lately, the dye – sensitised solar cells are made in a way by which they are priced reasonably and never fail to give their best performance despite of this kind of affordable prices. This good performance price ratio of these dye –sensitised solar cells is surely going to drive the market in the direction of growth.
  2. The growing awareness amongst the people nowadays regarding the hazards caused to the environmental health with respect to the electrical energy generated from the  fossil fuel based power plants is also helping in fuelling the market growth of the dye-sensitised solar cells market industry at a global level as people will eventually move towards this source for their energy needs.
  3. Another factor influencing the growth of this market industry is the rising global energy needs which is making the people to rely on unfamiliar and unconventional sources of energy generation including the dye –sensitised solar cells,thereby influencing their market growth positively.
  4. This source of energy is highly cost effective. The dye-sensitised solar cells assists in providing electrical energy at low costs even indoor as it uses both natural and artificial light sources for the purpose of conversion into electricity. This is another factor that drives it market industry towards growth.

The rising concerns of people towards the environment protection in long run will surely make the market of dye-sensitised solar cells reach great levels of growth.

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