The amount of carbon present in solutions right from commercial drinking water to industrial waste water is necessary to be evaluated. The total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer is a device which is used for this purpose. The process of evaluation consists of two stages, namely oxidation and detection. While analyzing a particular sample, a TOC analyzer can use either of the two methods which are differential method and direct method. The selection of TOC analyzer depends on the methods of analysis as well as the specifications of performance which are expected from the analyzer.

Market for total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer

The Global Market For Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% during the forecast period of 2014-2019. The increasing demand for power, ultrapure water and pharmaceutical industries has definitely been the market driving factor for the TOC analyzer. The introduction of modern techniques and development of the same is expanding the market industry of TOC analyzer in the recent years.

Advantages and Disadvantages of total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer:


TOC analyzers evaluate the amount of carbon in potential petroleum source rock used in the process of oil exploration.

TOC analyzers are used to detect contaminants which are present in drinking water. This proves to be immensely beneficial in preventing water borne diseases by removing and not allowing the harmful impurities present in the drinking water from entering into the human body.

These devices are also used in detecting impurities present in cooling water and water which is used in semiconductor manufacturing.

The TOC analyzers find applications in the pharmaceutical industries. They assist in detecting the carbon content in water used for pharmaceutical use.


A TOC analyzer is unable to provide any information regarding the residue. The TOC analyzers fail in the identification process and cannot convey details about what exactly the residue material is.


The total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers find a wide range of applications in different fields. Right from the cleaning process of the water which is circulated among the public for drinking, to the water which is used for various industries including pharmaceutical industries. This device extends a huge number of benefits to the world. One of the most witnessed example of such benefit is the growing demand for clean, drinking water. As there come transformations in the lifestyles of the people, awareness among them is also increasing and this has visibly resulted in the increasing demand for the devices like total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers which will continue to expand in the coming days as well.

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