Orthokeratology is the latest scientific advancement in the field of ophthalmology. It is the newest invention where in the shape of the cornea is changed in order to treat the various refractive disorders that may occur like myopia, hypermetropia and presbyopia. Some people might think of it to be similar to the LASIK surgeries that are performed on people with vision problems. In fact orthokeratology can be performed as an alternative to wearing eyeglasses, or even for those people who do not wish to wear contact lenses during the day time. The practice of orthokeratology is highly advanced and way ahead of its time and it is a complete boon to all those people who require these kinds of procedures so that they can prevent the onset of disorders like the ones stated above.

Trends in Orthokeratology Market

The Global Orthokeratology Lens Sales Market based on its application is segmented into Astigmatism,Myopia, Presbyopia, and Hyperopia. Growing occurrence of myopia amongst adults resulting in retinal detachment and glaucoma that can add to loss of vision. World Health Organization determined myopia as one of the main cause of visual impairment.Individuals’ socio-economic factor gets affected with the severity of advancement of myopia. All these factors are responsible for the growth of this market industry.


A foreign material is placed on the cornea of the person and according to research the mechanism that is involved in orthokeratology is that the epithelial cells of the eye will grow around the lens and this will change the shape of the cornea according to the desired and most optimal shape. The main target of obtaining this particular kind of shape would be to reduce the effects of the disorders of myopia and presbyopia.

Orthokeratology is an FDA approved treatment and it is also used for correction of astigmatism. Orthokeratology was made by a number of enterprises and companies all over the world. The property of the orthokeratology lens to permit oxygen through it is measured in the rating where higher the value, greater is the property to permit oxygen.

Advantages of orthokeratology

  • It helps the patient to experience very clear daytime vision with encountering any difficulty in the process of vision.
  • It does not involve any kind of surgery to be performed.
  • It is a process that can be reversed later on if it is not found to be suitable.
  • Unlike other laser surgeries, orthokeratology does not have hazy vision as a side effect of the procedure that is performed.
  • It is a very safe procedure that can be done even for children.
  • It is a very safe process and since the technology is advanced one might expect it to be in its initial stages however the process is very well understood by the healthcare professionals.


Orthokeratology is one of the safest ways that can be used to clear the hindrances in human vision and also combat the various vision and eyesight related problems like myopia and other refractive disorders.

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