Beta carotene is one of the best and most nutritive pigments that is found in the plants and fruits and various vegetables that have a distinct color to them especially carrots, beetroots etc. Most of the rich colors that fruits and vegetables get is a result of the presence of this pigment in them. It was first discovered in the year 1831 and the scientist who invented this also suggested the name carotene and that is how this pigment got its name. It is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin A is very good for our immune system, the texture of our skin, helps in avoiding night blindness and improves eyesight of the people.

Insights of Beta Carotene market

The Global Beta Carotene Market was worth USD 425 million in 2015 and is expected to grow more than USD 500 million by the end of 2023, thereby registering at a compound annual growth rate of 3% during the forecast period. The increase in need for the products which are naturally sources in food and beverages, also in dietary supplements industry is predicted to be the primary growth driving factor of this market industry.The rising concern pertaining to health amongst all age groups and the ill effects of the use of synthetic products in several end-use industries is also fueling the growth of this market industry.

Key facts about beta carotene:

  • Beta carotene is a pigment that is mainly found in a majority of the fruits and vegetables.
  • When beta carotene is taken into our systems it is converted into Vitamin A which is an essential nutrient for our health and body.
  • However, intake of large amounts of vitamin A can be toxic to the human body.
  • Most of the vegetables that are rich in vitamin A include onions, carrots, peas and spinach and squash.
  • Research has showed that people who smoke and who have a lot of beta carotene intake as well, have an increased risk of lung cancer in their systems.
  • Some other research reports state that cognitive decline can be slowed down by the intake of beta carotene.
  • It can act as an excellent substitute for mineral oil in case of our daily diets.
  • It can combine its effects if it is taken along with another drug like statins etc.
  • If beta carotene is consumed by people in their old age, then this can have extremely positive effects on their health like for example increasing their lung capacity.

Beta Carotene as an Antioxidant:

Beta carotene is a form of carotenoids that is also an antioxidant. An antioxidant is a substance that protects our body from free bacteria which are also known as radicals.Radicals can affect the calls in our body through an oxidation process and cause severe long term problems. Antioxidants can help protect the body by improving the condition of the immune systems and lowers the risk of developing cancer and heart diseases.A lot of foods including apricots, asparagus, broccoli etc.


The beta carotene pigment is a highly beneficial source of vitamin A for the human body and it is one of the very few foods that is a rich source of vitamin A.

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