Varicose Vein TreatmentIntroduction

Varicose veins refer to enlarged, twisted veins, appearing near the skin surface. These are mostly noticed in the ankles and legs. The treatment of varicose veins includes certain medication procedures, along with lifestyle changes. The lifestyle changes include physical activities which keep the legs moving, thus improving muscle tone, weight loss in case of obesity, avoiding same posture and wearing high heels for prolonged periods of time and avoiding tight clothes. Medical procedures include Laser Surgery, Sclerotherapy, Microsclerotherapy, Endoscopic Vein Surgery, Endovenous Ablation Therapy, Ambulatory Phlebectomy; and Vein Stripping and Ligation.

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Market for Varicose Vein Treatment

The market industry for varicose vein treatment is growing owing to the increasing cases of varicose veins, primarily due to the modern day lifestyle trends. The varicose vein treatment global market is expanding due to few key factors, some of which are increasing awareness towards health care, increasing government funds in the health sector and developing infrastructure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of varicose vein treatment:


Lifestyle changes are easily applicable. These treatments can be implemented in the daily routine.

Laser surgery is less painful. It helps the client to get back to the normal activities sooner.

Sclerotherapy is a treatment which does not involve any surgical perspective. The preparations required for this therapy to be take place are not much and the client recovers very quickly after this treatment.

Microsclerotherapy involves usage of fine needles, hence no scars or wounds are formed after the treatment.The client is not required to stay back from his/her daily routine activities after this treatment.

Endoscopic vein surgery has less chances of infection as compared to other medical procedures. This surgery is a less invasive treatment. The client can get back to the normal routine in a very short time.

Endovenous ablation therapyis an easy and quick treatment of varicose veins.This treatment does not involve the administration of anesthesia.

Ambulatory phlebectomy assiststhe clients to reduce the cost of treatment and avoid a huge monetary expenditure. The recovery time for this treatment is also short.

Vein stripping and ligation leads to the removal of the offending vein.


The results of the treatment involving lifestyle changes are slow as compared to other medical procedures. It requires a long time for the removal of the varicose veins.

Sclerectomy holds the risk for skin colour changes and skin burns. It can also lead to blood clotting.

The surgical procedures can cause scars and wounds.


There are a numerous treatments available for varicose veins, owing to the technological developments. These treatments have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, a person should go through them wisely to get the best results out of them.

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