Corporate performance management (CPM) softwareIntroduction:

Corporate performance management is a part of business intelligence and performs the most crucial function of monitoring the company’s performance. This is done by comparing the performance of the organization with some standards that have been set from within the organization. These standards are revised from time to time to accommodate the changes that are taking places internally and externally to the organization. These standards that have been set are known as Key Performance Indicators and they are the products of the decisions taken by the top management. Some KPI’s include expenditure, revenue, investment return etc.

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Markets for the Corporate Performance Management software:

The global corporate performance management (CPM) software market based on the product types is segmented into Cloud-based Corporate Performance Management and Browser-based Corporate Performance Management.With growing competition among the different corporates, each organization is now looking at how to improve themselves with regards to the other players in the market and one of the main conclusions that they arrive at is the monitoring of their performance closely and regularly according to different parameters that are instrumental for the success of the company. And since it is impossible to look after all these parameters, regularly and through a manual procedure we have the corporate performance management soft wares that record the required data from time to time regularly, analyze the results and provide a direction in which the decisions should be taken. Hence there is an increasing demand for the soft wares like these that can maintain and monitor the records of the organization regularly and efficiently and effectively.

Advantages of having a corporate performance management system:

  • One of the biggest advantages of having a corporate performance management system in place in an organization is that it helps to identify the key result areas and helps the management of the organization to reduce the instances and curb detrimental growth due to inadequate action taken in the necessary areas of the working procedure.
  • It helps to easily identify the area where immediate action is required.
  • It helps to prevent manual error while taking decisions because the entire process is automated.
  • It can help to take crucial decisions at the right time without wasting any resources.
  • Helps in the optimum utilization of the available resources.
  • Corporate performance management software can help to improve the working of the organization towards a manner that is more effective and efficient and can be extremely fruitful to achieve the desired goals of theorganization.


The conclusion that we arrive at after discussing the system of corporate performance management is that it is a highly beneficial software introduced to improve the working of the organization and reducing the time taken to get things done.

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