Stevia/Stevia RebaudianaWhat are we talking about here?

What we infer from sugar, is not something that just comes in packages and packets in super stores. Sugar can come in the form of honey, solid cubes, and so many more such shapes and tastes. But the distinctive factor here is to understand how these types are actually different from each other. There are more than thousand forms in which sugar can exist, or in other words, can take the properties of serving as glucose.

Since we have discussed its form, sugar is mostly found in plants as well. It might sound rather impossible, but this actually becomes important to understand, because plants like Stevia Rebaudiana exist in nature, and offer leaves that are often named ‘sweetleaf.’

Market Trends of Stevia/Stevia Rebaudiana

The Global Stevia/Stevia Rebaudiana Sales Market is anticipated to nurture at a compound annual growth rate of more than 8% during the forecast period. Based on the product type this market industry is segmented into liquid, powder and leaf. Since this product is broadly used in its powder form across the world, it dominates the major portion of the segment in the market.With the existence of sugar in other forms, what is crucial is to understand the food industry well enough. With all forms of sugar being used in this market, what was gathered in recent reports was that all items that contained this type of sugar that is SteviaRebaudiana’ has become a rather controversial and a more dangerous form of sugar to be used. While some have complained about its usage, other have favoured it and said that it was considered to be healthy.

More information that one should be aware of

In a complete business sense, cultivation is something that is growing at a rapid scale across the globe today. As soon as this plant was discovered and its uses found, farmers had started to use it for cultivation purposes. The reason was, that this plant had properties of being sweet, being able to mix well in food and beverages and so on and was basically edible.

As the number of companies increase in the food and beverage industry, the need for this type of plant becomes important. As the industry also grows, the numbers of products that contain this plant also keep increasing. With the kind of health advantages that this might have, it also has other affects. While it is used for cultivation, some companies have had huge problems dealing with this, because it became awfully expensive after a point, because the demand for these plants was at its peak. And therefore, some companies faced a hard time managing these plants for their products.

In the end

With mixed reviews from researchers about this plant, this is still considered and used in a lot of products. It still shows good results when it is cultivated as it is a fast growing crop and it is a brilliant investment and does not take much to maintain it.

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