Acai BerriesAcai berries are also known as acai palm. They are a fruit of a specific kind or species of palm trees that is found in central and South America.They are often confused with cranberries or blueberries because of their bluish red appearance however they are not related to the other two berries in a very striking manner. Acai berries have become a rage across the world due to new awareness being created regarding the health benefits of consuming this fruit. Doctors worldwide are recommending natural courses of treatment and the acai berry is one of the many steps in the process.

Market of Acai berries:

The United States Acai berries market is estimated to grow lucratively in future owing to growing awareness amongst the population regarding its abundant health benefits.Acai berry has been enjoying increasing popularity due to research reports throwing more and more light on the various health benefits of this miraculous fruit. Acai berries are used in a number of segments including food and beverage, cosmetics and a new and emerging industry that combines natural products with other resources for medicinal uses. This industry has come to be called nutraceuticals. The acai berry enjoys a current growth rate of 12.6 % and is expected to remain stable between the period of 2016 and 2026. This is because the acai berries are rich in a number of nutrients that sets it apart from other fruits, berries and vegetables. It also contains a large amount of antioxidants that helps in boosting the immune system of a person.

Advantages of Acai berries:

Acai berries have properties similar to that of red wine which can help stimulate the working of the heart and improve its retention to heart disorders. Acai berries can play a major role in improving heart health.

It is rich in antioxidants that help the body in resisting germs and bacteria and improving the immune system working of a normal human being

The acids found in Acai berries have been found by the nutritionists to have amazing properties with regards to aiding in weight loss and maintaining the healthy weight by dissolving the fat deposits in the human body.

Again, due to the high antioxidant content in the acai berries, they can improve the skin texture of a person and also increase the skin health which is highly beneficial in today’s world where people do not have time to take care of themselves.


The acai berries have been termed as the wonder berry, wonder fruit, super food etc. by a number of doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals. It has a large number of benefits associated with it and that is the reason for its sudden growth and it is predicted to have a very safe and steady market

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