Medical Transcription softwareIntroduction:

In very simple terms a medical transcription software is used to convert the voice notes of the physicians and other healthcare professionals and convert into a network and then print it out. It has an advanced and well programmed speech and voice recognition programs that can be used effectively and efficiently by the medical professionals. It is being actively used by doctors to convert prescriptions into voice notes that can later be printed out and it is also used to maintain a detailed history of the patients. It also helps doctors to edit the reports that they have already made and saved.

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Market for Medical Transcription software:

The global medical transcription software market is growing rapidly all over the world. One of the main reasons for this is the increase in the importance for healthcare amongst people across the globe. The greatest hub for healthcare activities at the moment is the Asia Pacific region and this is because of the rise in population and a larger number of developing countries across this vast area. Affordable and good quality healthcare and infrastructural facilities attracts people of all nationalities from around the globe. Healthcare awareness plays a major role in building the market for MTS and when the healthcare system grows, the medical transcription system grows along with it.

Advantages of Medical Transcription System:

  • It eases the work and burden of doctors and helps them to devote their entire time and concentration to the treatment of the patients.
  • It helps to remove the element of human error.
  • It reduces the liability of the medical institutions and other healthcare professionals as the element of human error is removed from the big picture.
  • It increases the satisfaction of the patients.
  • It also provides mental relief to the patients who are already stressed out with their personal troubles.
  • It has a pre- installed medical terminology with is helpful for both doctors and patients.
  • It helps to identify the patient history accurately and with absolutely no effort.

The process:

The process begins as soon as the patient visits the doctor and tell him/ her about their complaints following which the doctor will do a physical examination and then decide the suspected illness, the list of tests to be done, the course of treatment to be undertaken, the medications etc. Once the patient leaves, the doctor will use the file number or the social security number of the patient to prepare a summary of the visit and record it. This will be used in the future for reference purposes or to revisit the same file of the patient.


The MTS has been a boon to the doctors and other healthcare professionals who can now do away with maintaining files to keep track of the history of the patient.

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