Transdermal Skin Patches Introduction

Transdermal patches employ a technique of providingmedicine through the skin in a very comfortable and non-invasive manner.During this procedure a patch is applied to a patient’s skin and glued with an adhesive. The patch has the medication on its surface as prescribed to the patient and is its structure is such, so that the medication passes through the skin in a disciplined manner thus capturing more balancedconcentration of the medicine in the body of the patient. The current patches available in the market are those which can be applied for the duration of a day or a week even depending on the strength of the medication and the requirement of the patient.

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Market for Transdermal Skin Patches

The global market for transdermal skin patches is driven by its non- invasive nature, providing puncture or broken tissues. The global transdermal drug delivery market was evaluated at USD 32.0 Billion in 2015, and will continue to grow at a CAGR of 8.0%.Rising diabetic global population, next generation technology in transdermal drug delivery and increasing amount of personal disposable wage rateglobally are some other factors which are fueling the growth of global transdermal skin patches market.

Asia pacific transdermal skin patches market is supposed to grow at a fast rate due to a steep rise in medical tourism in this region, world-class medical facilities being made available and low cost of medical facilities withincreasing cases of chronic diseases.

How do they work?

Skin is made up of several layers: the first one being the epidermis it is the part of skin we can see or the part that we can touch, the dermis which contains the blood vessels, and underlying tissues called the hypodermis. A medication patch when applied to the skin passes the medication to the bloodstream. Sometimes the medicine ismixed with substances like alcohol to increase their solubility and the power to pass through the skin. Not all drugs can be given by this procedure,because of the properties of skin, which include acting as a barrier to alien substances.

Skin patches must remain in contact with the skin for some time to be absorbed. It is to be noted that, the longer the skin is in the presence of water, the more permeable it becomes.

The advantages offered

  • They are absorbed by the skin fairly quickly.
  • Patients don’t have to keep it in min to take particular doses.
  • Patients can take them off whenever he requires.

However before using a Skin Patch, one should ask these questions to the doctor

  • If the medication has any side effects, what are they?
  • If any particular food are to be avoided.
  • For how long will the drug remain active?
  • What to do in case of a skin irritation.

Apart from these, washing the hands before applying the skin patch is highly recommended.