Tinea PedisIntroduction:

Tinea Pedis is an infection that affects the foot of young men. It is basically caused by a specific type of dermatophyte bacteria. This particular kind of bacteria thrives in warm and humid conditions. It affects the foot of the young men.

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Target Age for the Infection:

The infection of Tinea Pedis can affect any man or woman of all ages but it is more common in adults. The basic reason for the spreading of this infection is through its fungal spores that can stay dormant for many months or even years together on various public places and other places they we may frequent quite regularly. Some of the places where the fungus that causes this infection can be found is the floor of swimming pools and changing rooms. In fact, sometimes walking barefoot in a place where thousands of people walk past everyday can cause the fungal spores to get transferred from the foot of one person to the road, multiply themselves and then affect a large number of people who might use the floor or the road, multiple times a day, for a large number of days.

The level of the infection can also vary from one person to another as some of them might have been exposed to more spores than the others or the skin of some people can contain less fatty acids than that of others. Fatty acids, if in plenty, can provide a very effective anti-fungal environment in which the bacteria cannot thrive and reproduce. Some people might wear footwear that has an antibacterial and anti-fungal layer and thereby protects the feet of the user while some people might sweat excessively in their feet or use the same pair of socks for very long periods of time or for that matter, even shoes.

Diagnosis: The infection can be diagnosed with the help of skin cultures.

Features of Tinea Pedis:

It can cause dry, flaky and patchy skin near the sole of the foot. There might not be any signs of inflammation but the entire skin area around the foot will be characterized by a dull and dry nature. Athlete’s foot is also possible. It is the condition of the skin peeling off between the toes while it is moist especially between the fourth and fifth toes. There can also be ringworm like structures around the toes.


The infection can usually be treated with the help of anti-fungal creams and lotions but in some cases when the strain of the fungus is resistant to the agents, some kind of anti-fungal medications might be used.

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