Off-Road MotorcyclesWhat are Off-Road Motorcycles?

Off-road motorcycles are generally used for sports and recreation only. These two-wheeled vehicles require the rider to shift their body weight to maintain their balance. A wide variety of motorcycles are available in this type, they are often known as Dual-Purpose or Dual-Sport. They are similar to dirt or MX motorcycles but can bealso used on streets and highways apart from off-roads. Away from the public land these motorcycles open up more areas for riding. Off-road motorcycles are always a combination of light-weight performance and comfortable riding. These can be taken on long trips even when there is no road to ride; and also for racing or riding on streets on a daily basis. These motorcycles are excellent city-goers and can be used in a tight and twisty canyon making the rider pass through faster than any other ride. However they do not require a license if used away from roads.

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Market for Off-Road Motorcycles

The global market for off-road motorcycles is expected to rise steadily at a CAGR of 7.59% for the period 2017-2021. The driving factor for the market for these motorcycles is the rising craze in the younger population for off-road motorcycle sports events.

Different types of Off-Road Motorcycles

These motorcycles are often driven in unconventional terrain, like sand, dirt, gravel, a shallow river, muddy ground or ground slick with snow. These areas required the motorcycles to be modified slightly to be used on such terrain. Compared to other motorcycles these are lighter in weight, have higher ground clearance, greater suspension, little but sturdy build, long suspension to jump at high speed and no equipment likeindicators, mirrors, etc. sticking out for creating trouble.

  • Moto-cross or scramblers: These are used for short runs and bypassing obstacles. They have a small and light fuel tank. They could vary from 50cc to 650cc.
  • Enduro: In addition to other qualities these have the light, horn and a number plate. Enduro sports events are longer, generally ranging from 1-6 days.
  • Rally: It is a specialized Enduro motorcycle but has a large fuel tank. Generally used for racing across deserts.
  • Trail: It is used for riding over the roads.  It has all the legally required equipment like indicators, mirrors, etc.
  • Track Racing: These are used for very high speed racing in a circular track. They have neither brakes nor any suspension and employ 2 gears at most.

Common Injuries and how to avoid them

Injuries could occur due to various reasons, due to a fall or being struck by an object, unable to avoid collision at high speed. These could result in fractures, cuts and bruises, strangulation, etc. While riding these motorcycles people are recommended to:

  • Check the tyres for recommended air pressure.
  • Check the Wheels for loose spokes and tighten the axel nuts.
  • Brakes and Clutch should be checked for smooth operation.
  • Check your oil and fuel.
  • Inspection of chain is must.