What is Sore throat and the remedies available for it in the market?Sore throat is one of those unwanted and unwelcomed guests who knocks at each door every time the season changes. No matter how hard we try to keep the door locked from inside and not letting it in, it always finds a way. Sore throat comes with a preindication ofsevere throat pain accompanied with itchiness and discomfort. It then turns into an infection and makes your eating and drinking experiences as bad as hell with the pain that it brings with it.Although it is not a major problem but it leaves the affected person in an extremely uncomfortable position with no possible options for instant relief.It takes a minimum of three days for a sore throat to get better entirely and is often followed by cough, cold and fever if not taken care off at the right time.

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An overview of Sore Throat Remedies market

The global market for sore throat and its remedies is not expected to witness much growth in the upcoming years because of the market driving factor i.e. most people tend to get away from sore throat with the age old home remedies.

Nevertheless the market industry of sore throat remedies can be bifurcated into 3 major sections-

  1. Lozenges
  2. Oral syrups
  3. Tablets or pills

Analyzing closely if only any of these is prevalent among people forcuring sore throat other than easy to use home remedies, then those are oral syrups. The major reason for this is that people in general avoid going to doctors for something as minor as sore throat and prevent themselves from going for heavy medications and oral syrups do not need doctor’s prescription. They are easily made available to the people in need at nearby chemist shops and do not require any written consent from specialists. It is the most widely accepted remedy for sore throat rather than lozenges or tablets/ pills. One of the main reasons for that is its easy availability and sweet taste. Moreover doctors and experts say that liquid medicines work faster and better with minimum side effects. One of the only side affect noted is excessive urge to sleep more. Another market driving for its market industry is the knowledge and awareness about the same among the people because they have been used since many years and advertisements play a major role in popularizing them too.


In the end to sum up, it would be quite reasonable to say that although the global market of remedies for sore throat is not expected to grow in future but because of the market segment of oral syrups it may grow to some extent.

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