Organic Fruits and VegetablesIntroduction:

Apart from India, even the United States is one of the largest exporters of various fruits and vegetables. The greed for increased income among the farmers has resulted in the increased use of pesticides and other chemicals which result in increased yield of the crop but at the same time can cause a lot of harmful effects to both the health of the human beings who consume it and also the environmental bodies. Pesticides have been the root cause of different kinds of pollution including water and soil pollution.

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Market for organic fruits and vegetables:

The United States organic fruits and vegetables market is growing at an increasingly rapid rate due to numerous reasons. One of the main reasons is the fact that there is increasing awareness among the public regarding the harmful effects of inorganically grown fruits and vegetables.

The market for organically grown fruits and vegetables is divided based on the type of the crop, the end use of the product, the channel through which it is distributed and the region that it is sourced from.The market for organic fruits and vegetables is expected to reach USD 62.97 Billion by the end of the year 2020. According to different regions, North America had the highest market for organic fruits and vegetables which is then followed by the European market.

Advantages of Organic Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Organic foods contain no chemical fertilizers that is helpful in reducing the chemical content in the food that we ultimately consume.
  • Organic foods may have a shorter shelf life but this is a benefit because it does not contain any kind of component to extend its shelf life and is fresher in nature.
  • It is a boon to the environment because it helps to reduce the soil and water pollution levels which can help improve the quality of these resources.
  • Organic Fruits and Vegetables do not contain any kind of genetically modified organisms which are alleged to be one of the main causes for the spurt in cancer cases all over the globe.
  • Organic farming is economical because it does not involve the high cost component of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Why Inorganic Foods can be harmful

Pesticide exposure can harm immune systems, bodies, nervous systems and various other diseases and syndromes like autism as well. It puts young babies and fetuses at a great risk of developing these disorders. Pregnant women are also at a great risk because most of their systems are already taxed due to the fetus and the pressure of pesticides puts an added weight on the overburdened systems of the woman.


With increasing awareness, organic fruits and vegetables market is all set to be the next big thing that the world is about to witness.