Electronic Medical Record (EMR) SystemsIntroduction:

Electronic Medical Record Systems refer to the collection and recording of various kinds of medical information collected from one office from one time to another. It is an improvised version of maintaining the filing system. Today technology has advanced to such a level that software are replacing the system of filing that has been around for a few hundred years. It can remove the inefficiency that is usually associated with the maintenance of files and the people associated with maintain them as well.

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Market for Electronic Medical Record Systems:

The global Electronic medical record systems market grows in direct proportion to the level of healthcare systems that is available in a nation. At present the market for Electronic healthcare systems is valued at, or is worth USD 28 billion. The Electronic Medical Record System’s market was once called a growing market with a very predictable growth. However, the sudden spurt in population, increased awareness about the healthcare systems and importance of maintaining one’s health has led to unprecedented growths with regards to the market growth.  Another reason for the growth of the Electronic medical records market is the policy decision of the Obama administration to incentivize the purchases of Electronic medical record systems.


  • EMR helps to track over huge volumes of data in a short period of time which helps to save various resources like time, manpower and money.
  • EMR’s identify patients who have appointments due with their doctors for different kinds of screenings including preventive and curative and about their periodical visits to the doctor.
  • It can also help monitor the progress of various patients with regards to their test reports, upcoming visits, and vaccination schedules.
  • It is also useful in recording the blood pressure reading of a patient over a long period of time which can later be used for purposes of measuring progress of the patient, taking decisions regarding diets and medications, further treatment and course of action to be decided and various other purposes with multidimensional aspect to each of them.
  • When the records of a patient are maintained in a systematic manner with the help of the Electronic Medical Records Software, it increases the quality of the services that the patient has been provided with and gives a total sense of relief to the patient as now they do not have to take it up on themselves to remember the date and time of their appointments and procedures and also make a record of their vitals from time to time.


The Electronic Medical Record System is highly beneficial to both the practitioners as well as the patients in its own way and is soon to emerge as one of the most popular systems.