Flight Information Display System (FIDS) could be mechanical or electronic, suitable to provide every kind of information to the passengers such as hotels near the airport, parking facilities, ground transportation, car rentals, etc. but most important of all, theyprovide detailed and accurate flight status,plane delay, arrival and cancelation of flights. These displays could be located inside or even outside the airport terminal. These are used to help people planning their flight or even people who have to pick someone up from the airport. Every commuter can find different information on these devices such as the departure gate, check in desk, delays, etc. There is generally a display system in every terminal of an airport and some airlines have their own FIDS.

Market for FIDS

Airports’ profit incentives are always, looking for ways to improve their operational efficiency and the comfort of the passenger, this is a market driving factor for the global market for FIDS. The global market for FIDS was evaluated at USD3.71 billion in 2015 and is supposed to reach 5.01billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of above 5.12% duringthis time period. The only factors which can hinder the growth of this market are the inability to integrate the accumulation data flow or the high cost of installation of these systems.

Most sought after requirements of a FIDS

  • It should be easy to update.
  • It should not have a high cost.
  • Ability to display multiple tables or charts on the screen.
  • Must be remote operated and have a centralized control.

Benefits of employing such a system

  • It can show the most up-to-date flight status available at the time and also any changes in the flight status, including delays or cancellations of flights.
  • Passengers could use it to avoid the potential room overflow.
  • It can be used to advertise other airport or hotel services with the flight information, on the same screen.
  • It can be used to entertain the passengers as they wait for their flight by showing them a movie or providing them with news.
  • Very high level of customisation possibilities make it extremely useful.
  • It can display the information in multiple languages and that is most useful at international terminals.
  • Takes the load off the airlines and airport staff by optimising the stream of passengers and enables them to provide improved customer service.

Access Levels

The FIDS employs cloud based software that links the stream of information with the display devices. It has different access levels also, the public level only provides information to the passengers, the admin levels lets the airport staff change and update the displayed information. However the super admin have the ultimate authority over the system and even to permit or exclude any person to an access level.

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