Tinnitus DrugsWhat is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is also called "ringing ears." It is the medical term for the disorder of listening to sound when no sound is present actually. Tinnitus is given that particular name because of a ringing in the ears although some people might experience a different sound like whistling, whining, roaring,screaming, hissing, screaming, whistling, chirping, clicking or various other sounds.

At present there are no approved and tested drugs specifically for this disorder. However, there are some medications options for a person suffering from stress, anxiety and depression that may cause a person to suffer from tinnitus.The drugs generally given by the doctor treat the issues related to the psychological burden of the condition. There is found to be a circular relationship between negative emotions and tinnitus; tinnitus may lead to anxiety, which makes the degree of tinnitus higher, which causes even more anxiety and so on.

Market for the currently approved methods for the treatment of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is not a life threatening condition and can be cured with propermedication, however, without any treatment, it can grow worse. With a risingglobal geriatric population, the global tinnitus market is supposed to grow steadily in the upcoming years. The rising focus on R&Din medial field is also expected to nudge the growth of the global tinnitus market.

The market driving factors responsible for the growth of the global tinnitus market are increasing cases of tinnitus, increasingworldwide demand for next generation therapeutics, and higher awareness and affordability of the population due to increasing income on a global scale.

Cause of Tinnitus

It can be a side effect of some drug, or it may be caused by stress, anxiety and depression.


Early steps taken by the doctor include:

  • Removal of earwax, which might be causing Tinnitus symptoms to occur.
  • A blood vessel in the ear might have malfunctioned, in which case a surgery would be required.
  • If a medication that that patient is taking might appear to be causing the problem then the doctor will change the medication.


Till now, no such drug is available which can cure this disorder however some drugs can decrease the problem by quite an amount.

  • Tricyclic antidepressants: These can make the symptoms of Tinnitus disappear, but are only used in case of a severe problem because of their terrible side effects. The side effects include blurry vision, continuous drying of mouth, heart problem and constipation.
  • Alprazolam: These can also reduce the problem, but these have some side effects of their own, including nausea and sleepiness.


If the Tinnitus remains after the medication, doctors recommend using noise masking options.

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