Applicant tracking software What is it?

Applicant tracking software is used for recruitment firms when they need to filter the applications. It can sort through thousands of resumes to determine which of them are suitable for the position that the recruiters are looking for. It makes it easy for the employers to keep an eye on the recruitment by electronic handling. ATSworks on the principle of recognising certain keywords to store the candidate’sjob related data and track the recruitment process through all stages. It can also be used to post online any job openings in the firm on a corporate website or on an online board, it can screen resumes, and even sometimes generate interview requests by sending the particulars to potential candidates by email. 

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Market for Applicant Tracking Software

The manual process of hiring is very tedious and time consuming, it also costs much, and there is a possibility of missing the best candidates. ATS have been helpful in avoiding these difficulties as they provideautomation of recruitment process. The global market for applicant tracking software was evaluated at USD 212.4 million in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 1198.9 million by 2022. The market driving factors for ATS are its abilities to manage large volume of applications and the time saving capability.  It is rapidly being incorporated in the Human Resource Systems. The reduction in the chances of discrimination is also an attractive factor in the favour of ATS.

How ATS works?

Recruitment firms are submitted a large number of applications per day, from which they have to choose between the most suitable candidate for each. Going through each and every application manually is time consuming, costly and is prone to discrimination.

  • When the applicants submit their resume through an ATS employed by the recruiters, it stores their resume and makes an entry in the database. The recruiters then search for keywords in the database for the particular jobs for which they need candidates.
  •  If the applicant’s resume contains the exact keywords that the recruiteris looking for, then the ATS will give that applicanta higher rank in the search results. The keyword searches are generally the skills and experiences that specific jobs require.
  • The recruiters can even use the ATS to search the company’s entire database stored over the years, to look at all the resumes and find candidates with the exact same qualifications that they require.

Downside to the ATS

ATS sometimes killsthe chance of candidates’ getting an interview as soon as they submit their resumes and it is scanned by the software. The main problem with ATS is that they are very flawed. If a job seeker's resume is not in the correct format and doesn't contain the exact keywords and phrases the recruiter is looking for, the ATS will read it as an incorrect match with the job, regardless of the candidate's qualifications.