Dialysis MachineDialysate is a fluid present in the human body that assists in maintaining the minerals and electrolytes level in the body. Moreover it helps in removing the waste products from the blood. A dialysis machine aims at mixing and monitoring this fluid named dialysate and it also monitors the flow of the blood while it is outside the body. Dialysis machines are also referred to as artificial kidneys which performs all the necessary functions of a kidney for the patients suffering from temporary or permanent renal disorders or failure. Besides, it helps in cleansing the blood and inmaintaining the right balances of its constituents.

Market analysis of global dialysis machine market

The global market of dialysis machine is expected to grow in the future because of the market driving factors which are fueling the market growth of this market industry.

The market driving factors are:

  1. Studies reveal that the cases of end stage kidney disease are enormously rising which contributes in market growth.
  2. Increasing incidences of hypertension and diabetes is another leading factor influencing market growth.
  3. Aging population suffering from a number of kidney related disorders are also driving this market industry at a global level.
  4. Shortage of kidney donors for the purpose of kidney transplant is also an aspect that can be considered for the same.
  5. The technological advancements in medical and health care sectors are fueling the market growth as well.

A few factors that acts as market restraints are:

  1. Reduction of Medicare reimbursements to dialysis centers.
  2. The procedure is very costly.
  3. People are not fully aware about kidney diseases and their modalities. Lack of proper knowledge keeps them away from proper treatment.


More about dialysis machine

A question that comes into picture is that how can a machine cleanse the blood and perform so many other functions. For this purpose there is a designated process by which blood of the patient is passed through the dialysis machine whereby the pH levels, fluid concentration and electrolytes of the blood are balanced and the blood is filtered. It also removes several pints of fluid from the patient’s blood, because water retention is the most common problem in kidney failure. The blood after this process is returned to the patient’s body. The chronic kidney disease is prevalent at a rate of about 8-16% all around the world. It is defined as increased urinary albumin excretion, or reduced glomerular filtration rate or both. This is a rising public health issue worldwide. The most common cause of chronic kidney disease is diabetes mellitus worldwide. Except for a certain regions where herbal and environment toxins are more common causes.

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