About Miceller Casein

Casein is a group of protein found in mammalian milk. The 80% part of milk is casein protein and remaining is whey protein.The solids of milk which forms curdand is used to make cheese, is casein and the left over watery part is whey protein. The natural structure existing in casein is known as miceller casein. Miceller caseinis suspended particles in milk. The miceller casein contains the essential amino acids plus branched chain amino acids (BCAA). Miceller casein is widely used in diet supplements such as protein powders. Miceller casein is rich in protein as well as low in fat and carbohydrates. Hence it is popular in diet supplement for body building.

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Market analysis

Miceller casein is used in various applications such as protein powder, dairy products, beverages, infant nutrition, diet supplements, clinical nutrition and others. The global miceller casein market was estimated approximately $398 million in 2015 and it is expected to be valued around $800 million till the end of 2022. The compound annual growth rate of 5.9% is expected during the forecast period. During the forecast period, dairy product segment will be highest gainer of CAGR as compared to others. The growth driving factor is increasing use of miceller casein in yogurts and cheese.

Brief about miceller casein

Miceller casein is natural substance of milk. In other words, it is dairy protein which is derived from mammalian milk. It is a slow release protein source hence it can supply essential amino acid to the body for 10 to 12 hours, therefore it is referred as anti-catabolic protein source. The biological value of miceller casein is so high that, it forms clumps when it enters in stomach. This results in a slow digesting rate or slow protein release rate. Due to its slow release rate it is not an ideal post-workout supplement.The miceller casein is an ideal night protein, as it provides protein in slow release form; also stabilize the flow of amino acid through the night, when muscle repair and growth takes place. It helps to maintain anabolism and gives protection against catabolism. Protein is very essential for human body. Many functions such as, immunity system, hormones, nail and hair growth, vital nutrients transfer around the body depends on protein. Hence it is recommended that, regular amount of protein must be consumed. The only restraining factor is that some people who are allergic to milk and milk products, they should avoid casein-based products.


Some of the major uses of casein are-

  • Cheese making- cheese consists of milk solids i.e., fat and protein. It is produced by coagulation process performed on casein.
  • Paints- casein paints are derived from milk proteins. They have properties like fast drying and water soluble medium. They have consistency like glue. They can be used on illustration boards, Masonite, canvas panels, wood and paper.
  • Protein supplement- The ability of casein to slow release of protein makes it very efficient in nutrient supply. The slow release rate stabilizes the flow of amino acids into blood cells.
  • Glue- These glues consists of casein, sodium hydroxide, water and hydrated lime. Casein glue is used in woodworking, labeling of water bottles, laminating fireproof doors. Due to their oil permeability property, they are also used in transformer manufacturing.
  • Fiber and plastic- Earlier, some of the plastics were casein-based. These synthetic plastics were used in buttons. The extruded casein was used to make fiber.
  • Medical and Dental uses- The casein-based products are used in tooth remineralization to stabilize amorphous calcium phosphate.

The mammalian milk is best source to provide essential nutrients necessary for effective growth. Miceller casein is one of the major components of this amazing nutritional source. New studies are constantly exploring the new properties and benefits of this supplement.

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