Brachytherapy is a therapy for cancer patients whereby some radioactive sources are placed inside the patient’s body on permanent or temporary basis in order to fight against and damage the cancer cell DNA. It does not only damage the DNA of cancer cells,but also ceases their ability to divide and grow. It is used by licensed medical physicians for treating cancer patients.This method has overpowered the conventional external beam radiation therapy, because of its ability to take lesser time and allowing the doctor to use higher total dose of radiation to treat a small area. Brachytherapy is often practiced in coalition with chemotherapy, surgery or external radiation therapy. Moreover a patient might be asked by the doctors to undergo ultrasound, chest x ray, CT, MRI and blood tests, etc. prior to the therapy.

An outlook on market trends

The global Brachytherapy devices market is often referred to as sealed source radiation therapy, is envisioned to witness a strong competition from external radiation therapy equipments market which may prove out to be a hurdle in the growth of its market industry. But it is forecasted that Brachytherapy’s devices market will stay in the competition and may grow rapidly in future.

North America is considered to be the largest market of devices ofBrachytherapy followed by the radiationstherapy equipment market influenced by the market driving factors i.e., the high occurrence of cancer in such regions. Other than that because of the improving healthcare infrastructure and affordable therapies, Asia Pacific is expected to become the most promising market for the same.

The emergence of electronic Brachytherapy devices is expected to help the Brachytherapy devices market to reach heights. As it is said that there’s nothing that can be completely perfect. The same goes for the market industry of the devices of Brachytherapy influenced by the factors restraining its growth, i.e. the side affects caused by them including urinary incontinence, localized bleeding in the implant region, desquamation,etc.

Advantages of Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy helps in protecting the healthy tissues of the body by limiting the radiation effects only to the affected parts of the anatomy. It is observed that the treatment via Brachytherapy is done in such a durable manner that there are almost no cases of cancer cells returning after being treated by this therapy.

Some more things about Brachytherapy

Not just the treatment but post treatment visits to the doctor after Brachytherapy is also advised to the patients so that the concerned doctor can carefully examine the results of the therapy on the patient and could guide him about the possible side effects of the same.

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