E CigarettesIntroduction

Many a times we come across articles that inform us about the harmful effects of smoking in one’s life. What they also inform us about is how this can affect the people around us. However what they sometimes do not let us know about is how one can stop smoking and what devices or things can be used to quit this habit. This is why, as technology has developed, it has also benefited the ones who have also started smoking.

Market Analysis

The availability of a large number of flavours and nicotine levels is also acting a critical role in the growth of the E Cigarettes global market. As smoking is definitely considered one of the most important dangerous forms of consuming tobacco, it is also a global market that just cannot be ignored. It keeps getting bigger. And therefore, in Australia, a lot of medical experts were noted saying that even in these types of cigarettes, it is understood that addiction is caused by nicotine addiction as they still include some amount of it. And thus it has become rather obvious to ban it.

What this actually means and what this device actually is?

This is a device that uses heat and air to produce fire and smoke. It is a perfectly developed device and this takes into consideration the lack of nicotine, and at least this is what it manages to deliver. It is a safe device that was actually created for all the smokers to wait smoking and in order to do that, take to something that does not directly ask them to quit, but helps them to not smoke nicotine and spoil their lungs.

As this concept became common among a lot of companies, the government also took a decision to legalise it and let it sell across the globe. Sooner or later it was realized that these cigarettes were really not as promising as they had said they would be. The reason is that E-cigarettes, also known as ‘vape’ are said to contain vapours. These vapours are said to contain tobacco and nicotine and these types of substances have the ability to make any person as addicted to a particular cigarette very easily.


These have not created a very crucial impact on smokers and customers. It has created a rather confused environment because there are different kinds of smokers, who sometimes do not even need this kind of service because it is a demerit good and will always be purchased by those who are smokers. It therefore is a terrible habit that can cause harm to everyone else around that person as well.

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