Mohave yucca, also called by a fancy name “Spanish dagger” or yucca schidigera is shrub. It is commonly found in Sonoran desert of southeastern California, Chihuahuan desert, Mojave Desert, New Mexico and a few other regions.An astonishing fact about this shrub is that it can grow up to 3940 feet.Moreover it is a flowering plant and these plants are all interconnected and they grow in a circular pattern. Back then many Native Americans used the Mohave yucca for getting rid of dandruff and hair loss and got amazing results and are there by continuing to use them till date. Yucca Mohave is a multi tasking plant. It had been a major component in making sandals, ropes, belts, cloth, baskets and mats as well back then.

An analysis of market trends

Currently the global market of Mohave yucca is something which people are not very much familiar with because of lack of knowledge about its usefulness and benefits. For now its leading users are some native people and some other people who know and understand the benefits and advantages attached with this miraculous herb. In the very near future this plant is expected to gain popularity and prevalence because of itsmulti-functional dynamic nature. The main market driving factors which are expected to influence its growth for the better in the upcoming future includes its usefulness in a large number of fields including medical, non-medical and commercial. As per the recent researches a kind of component called resveratrol is present in Mohave yucca extract which may prove out to be advantageous in treating and preventing blood clots.

The outshining benefits of Mohave yucca

Closely studying the multi dimensional functions of Mohave yucca can be bifurcated into three major sections including-

Medical purposes

The initial benefit of Mohave yucca in terms of medical sciences includes prevention of dandruff and hair loss due to hair fall problems.Moving forward to some serious health issues, this shrub also assists in curing diseases such as arthritis or joint pain and many more. The sap extracted from Mohave yucca is used for the purpose of treating skin problems like inflammation or bleeding, etc. The tea extracted from the same is used for the treatment of asthma and headaches.

Non-medical purposes

These include the uses of such herbs in the way the natives did. It is used for making ropes, belts, sandals, cloth, baskets, mats and cords.

Commercial purposes

An extract of Mohave yucca is added as a foaming agent to root beers, cocktail mixers and alcoholic beers.Then there is some bittersweet extract of this shrub that is dark brown in color, which is used as an additive in some ice creams and certain food items as well.

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