Lately because of the enormous benefits attached to it, this simple invention of oil made from rise husk has gained a lot of popularity worldwide.

Rice bran oil, oil extracted from the outer layer of rice (which was considered to be a waste back then) is edible and healthy oil, having a great flavor, primarily made for cooking purposes. It is considered to be a perfect substitute for most of the cooking oils used for deep frying or other dish preparation purposes. Most other cooking oils contain large amounts of fats and unhealthy items which deteriorates the health of the people who love having tasty fried food.

Market trends

Leaving behind the traditional fatty oils, the refined rice bran oil market at a global level has taken all the limelight recently. The market driving factors includes the health benefits attached with the same. It is claimed that rice bran oil is non-genetically modified and thereby is good for consumption and is more natural and organic.

The market industry of rice bran oil is expected to boost up even more in the future because of the increasing health consciousness among the people along with the craze for tasty food. The founder of chipotle, Mr. Steve Ells recently made an announcement regarding the replacement of the traditional fatty oils with the healthy rice bran oil in all the restaurants. This announcement again made the households to think about replacing their regular cooking oils with these.

Benefits of using rice bran oil.

Rice bran oil contains certain components which are beneficial in improving the body cholesterol. Not only has this, the contents available in it helped decreasing cholesterol absorption and increasing cholesterol elimination. It too works towards reduction in calcium formation thereby reducing the risks of having kidney stones.


The newly originated rice bran oil was nowhere mentioned about in the ancestral records and is significant that it was not used traditionally. One of the expected reasons for the same is the extensive amount of efforts involved in its making and extraction. It cannot be made easily with hands. It requires immense working in industries properly for getting processed.

Rice bran oil has endless health benefits attached to it other than the ones discussed. It gives the best way to relish the food cravings of having fried and mouth watering food at home without compromising with the health.

Being particular about the health and fondness for food most of the households are going to make this amazing rice bran oil a part of their lives and will be becoming a part of the journey of it’s growth that started from nowhere.

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