Electronic Stability ProgramThe way a person presses the break and accelerator or rotates the steering wheel while driving a car, is not as simply formulated as they seem to be. There are sensors which monitor each of these functions and analyze the output corresponding to the input that we put in.

To make it more understandable let's take an example, suppose someone is going on a drive on a monsoon evening, and it's raining heavily, so as a consequence of the same the roads would be slippery, due to which the friction will reduce and it will become pretty difficult to have a proper control over the functioning, especially the tyres of the car. To control such a situation there are a certain systems build in, in the vehicle to help the people driving. So basically here is when Electronic Stability Program comes into the picture.

Electronic Stability Program is basically a number of systems which helps in controlling the car on the road. For instance when on a slippery road you turn your steering towards right but because of reducing friction it goes straight , in such a situation the anti lock breaks and traction control systems of Electronic Stability Program helps getting control.

Discussing About The current Market Trends

The global market of Electronic Stability Program is currently growing because of the market driving factors i.e., the increasing concern of buyers towards safety, because of this most of the automobile companies are constantly working towards making this program a part of their automotive projects.

Moreover safety is the foremost priority of every individual thereby; the market industry of Electronic Stability Program is expected to grow at high rates in the upcoming future.

The recent studies claim that Electronic Stability Program has helped in reducing the number of car crashes and accidents in large percentile. In a study in UK it was brought to everyone’s notice that these can reduce the number of fatal crashes by about 25%. Another report shown that in Sweden there was a reduction of about 32% in the collisions on roads due to irregular weather conditions because of Electronic Stability Program lately.

More to know about Electronic Stability Program

Electronic Stability Program is called by many other names such as Electronic Stability Control or Vehicle Stability Control or Vehicle Stability Assist or Dynamic Stability Control and many more.

Electronic Stability Program can also control the amount of energy being sent to the wheels of the car while driving which are proved to be useful in situations where if in case the wheels of the car get stuck in the mud and the accelerator is pressed continuously making the wheels to be in a continuous yet useless motion, then the ESP system automatically detects the situation and reduces the amount of power being sent to the wheels.


The most astonishing part of all is that within a blink of an eye this Electronic Stability Program system does not only tracks the problem but also transmits it to the system and gets it resolved.

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