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Nowadays various important transactions are done over mobile, be it payment for electricity, buying goods or cash transfer. People keep their personal files in their phone like documents, media files and sensitive data files. With the increasing importance of such critical data which is to be kept at hand at all times, there came a need to secure the data, from various hackers or thieves who would gladly rob you of your most personal data, but might also be willing to blackmail you. And that is not all, what about a simple data loss due to operating system crash, virus or phone loss. Data could be protected simply by backing up the database, optimizing the storage, cloud technology, etc.

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Data protection is crucial especially after the recent ransomware cyber-attack which started on 12 May 2017, crippling hospitals in England and spread all over the world.Security researchers have notedaround 50,000 attacks in a score of countries, including the UK, India, China, etc. Ransomwareencrypted a user’s data, and thendemanded payment in exchange for unlocking the data.This attack usedWannaCrysoftware that exploits vulnerability in Windows. 

Market for data protection

Market for the Data protecting solutions has been increasing steadily. With the more reliance on mobile the data security has been a rising issue. Social media has also increased the data storage load on mobiles and with it the risk to personal files. Rising intensity of cyber-attacks has been the market driving factor for the mobile data protection. The global mobile data protectionsolutions market is expected to grow from USD 1.29 billion in 2014 to USD 3.54 billion by 2019. North America is considered to be the biggest market in this scenario.

How to protect mobile data

To protect mobile data users could go through some of these steps:

  • Enable all the in-built security features in the mobile. You have many features available like a Password, passcode, or PIN, Unlock pattern, Device lockout and Auto-wipe. The last option erases all the data on the device after several consecutive failed attempts to unlock the mobile.
  • Data Encryption: It is built-in in any Android or iOS device. This feature turns all the data on your mobile into un-understandable junk, unless it is accessed with a password.
  • Protection from Malwares: Various anti-virus are available for free or a little fee on the internet to help you keep your mobile safe online.
  • Reporting any devices that are lost or stolen. Preferably install an app with which you can erase all the data from remote access. And for remote wiping it clean you would need to have cloud computing and it is strongly advised to change all your passwords, especially those which might be ‘remembered’ in the last device.

Important notes

*Keep your Bluetooth and GPS disabled until needed, or you might unwillingly share your location or personal data with someone you didn’t want to.

*It is strongly advised to keep your data backed up either to a desktop, a hard drive but preferably to cloud.

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