Cyber Weapon technologiesIntroduction

In today’s day and time, one definitely has gone to war with so many other viruses, Trojans, hackers and so on, who are sitting right across the table from us, and probably never even knowing them ever. Knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes one commits frauds that are so easily committable that it is next to impossible to know what went wrong and who got access to all your information.

What does the news say about this?

The global cyber weapon technologies market in 2014 was valued at USD 390 billion and is predicted to reach USD 521.87 billion by 2021, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate of 4.4% during the forecast period. Also, region-wise, North America market industry accounted for the maximum market share in 2014. Recently in some news, there are talks about how cyber weapons have a huge global market and have basically become a huge industry. One of the strongest malware attacked one of the biggest software companies named ‘Pentagon’ in Britain this month. It was noted that measures were taken and the company fortunately detecting the virus and eased out the options of deleting it and made its transactions and the company details secure and stronger.

The cause and effect relationship that it has

Before this notion of cyber weapons became common, it was basically used for something named ‘cybercrime.’ To be put simply, cybercrime is an affair that takes place over the virtual world, where crimes are committed on different intensities. For example, hacking into someone else’s email ID and stealing important information for one’s own purpose is firstly theft, secondly, the privacy policies of that person are violated and lastly, is basically use of that information for a different purpose. Therefore, stealing, or committing any fraud in the virtual world with the help of the internet for your own purpose is basically what is included in cybercrime. Now, the medium that are used to commit these frauds are what basically make up for these weapons.

The concept of cyber weapons became immensely popular in recent times, as the use of internet boomed in the market. As more and more convenience is delivered to the companies and the customers, their bond becomes stronger, but mostly that happens over the internet, where there is information that might be available to a third party not included in your deal or while making a transaction. Trojans and Wi-Fi proxies, the deep web, and so on are still weapons through which these crimes are committed and information is accessed.


Cybercrime caused therefore, by weapons over the internet is a criminal offense and can have severe affects, if practiced. While it is understood that some of the mare a matter of studies and are used ethically in some regions, it is also considered dangerous for all those who findthe internet a safe place to post information. Therefore, one needs to be extra careful before using any website and make sure that anti-viruses are installed in their systems.

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