Bubble TeaIntroduction

We all think of the best of places to go to, while we are with the best of our friends. We always think of all the common things and all the common places where we have already visited, common things that we have all done, but when it is time to think of the most uncommon things to do, is the time when all of us must think of bubble tea.

Bubble Tea Market Trends

The global bubble tea market industry is geographically split into regions such as Europe, Japan, North America, China, India and Southeast Asia.The FMCG market, and the food industry in general is seeing colourful days right now, because this idea of innovation when it comes to something as common as bubble tea, but putting in something as uncommon as bubbles in it, makes it grow!

What this actually is and how it makes the best drink!

Bubbles are definitely something that has the potential of making anyone happy. We blow bubbles, we create bubbles and sometimes, when we get lucky, we actually eat them! This is what they need to make sure that their day is made by letting the perfect café make them a perfect bubble tea!

Basically, this is Taiwanese. And what makes it so unique apart from that is basically the fact that these are fruit jellies that are added on to the drink, mixed and blended well with the drink and served. Plus points to be noted here, is that these bubbles are basically jellies without any kind of taste, and so, this fills your stomach, but at the same time, does not let you miss out on the beautiful taste of the drink. Secondly, these jellies settle down in the drink and do not keep popping up in between, and these even make the drink look more attractive in their perfect circular and bubble form. Lastly, these are so chewy, that you always want to go back for more!


Bubble tea as a concept has grown so much, that it attracts all kinds of people from all over the world. There are restaurants that have adopted thismethod, and some even create their own bubbles. Best part about these bubbles is that they can be made it home, and can be created in all shapes and forms. They do not have to be in a particular shape, they should just sometimes be tasteless so that the drink is always tasty and does not lose its affect!

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