Biochip Biochip is computer chip like looking chip that performs many biological reactions simultaneously. They are formed with the basic motive of genetic diagnosis and will be assisting in some basic researches and drug discoveries as well. They are cost effective, cheap and are much more reliable than the normal genetic diagnosis, which makes it stand out of the crowd and attracts the drug developers who are focusing to make drugs related to particular genetic specifications for individuals.

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Taking advantage of the advancing technology these biochips are designed in a way to automate the repetitive tasks involved in laboratory testing. Moreover they are the perfect alternatives to the heavy and difficult to use and carry equipments. It occupies comparatively very less space and provides really sensitive methodologies for detection purposes and thereby reduces the cost of the same as well. These reasons undoubtedly satisfy the phenomenon of choosing biochips over traditional methods.

Talking about the market trends

The global market of biochips is at present facing many serious challenges for survival and growth. One of the foremost challenges is standardization. These biochips are not as universally applicable as the processor chips in the computer industry. The market driving factor here is the problem of standardization that is required to make the working uniform universally. In order to encourage the widespread application of the market industry of biochips, it is necessary to formulate a standardized biochip platform that could be used for all diagnostic purposes.

Some of the recent advancements in the field of biochip include the discovery of protein chips lately. Not only this, with an aim of diversifying its applications, researchers in their recent research compared the existing molecular test results that analyze DNA with the biochip test results, for identifying the patients who are at an elevated risk of having Alzheimer's disease and to everyone's surprise the test results from biochips shown 100% accuracy as that of molecular test results.

Alzheimer's disease spreads genetically from the parents and thereby involves genetic diagnosis, in which the biochip specializes thereby making the identification of the people elevated at the risk of it easier.

Applications of biochip

For now the application of biochips are merely confined to lead identification in drugs basically and as a part of genetic diagnosis for the purpose of analyzing any defects or variations. So biochips are fore mostly the purpose of proper diagnosis and high throughput screening platforms for the identification of lead in drugs.


Because of the advancing technology each day, it is expected that the biochips market will be able to standardize it's processing and will soon be successfully making this phenomenon of biochips universal, thereby growing immensely in future making huge profits and making the research and genetic diagnosis simpler, cheaper and more accurate.