Radiopharmaceuticals are a kind of medicines that are formulated with Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medical radioactivity and contain radioisotopes, which are used for the purposes of diagnosis and therapy in medical field.They are basically used for making nuclear medicines. These are a kind of medicinal products which are suitable for human use. However highlytrained personnel is required for handling and using them on patients. Moreover its preparations, storage and use require somespecial pharmaceutical license and permissions. More than 40 types of radioisotopes are available for making radiopharmaceuticals for various therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

The Global Market of radiopharmaceuticals

The current market of radiopharmaceuticals at a global level is expected to witness an immense growth in the upcoming years, especially in Asia because of the rising awareness among the people and rapid rise in research work in the field of medical sciences. The market industry of radiopharmaceuticals is widespread expanded and used in the countries like North America already, because of the market driving factors such as the increasing advancements in technology and medical facilities. Moreover their government acts in a supportive way to paired up with the advanced healthcare infrastructure being provided as well as the introduction of new concepts for diagnosis of diseases thereby and these act as the pillars for keeping up the market of radiopharmaceuticals in North America as well as in Europe.Recently in Africa some radiopharmacists went for a training course and acquired new skills about radiopharmaceuticals and later on shared them with their coworkers after returning back.

Purpose and uses of radiopharmaceuticals

Radiopharmaceuticals are basically a medicinal product which is used globally for the purpose of diagnosis and therapy. It is most commonly used in medical institutions, hospitals, research labs and diagnostic labs. They are used for the purpose of scanning as it is required in the cases of neurology and cardiology. Not only has this played a vital role in detection of some chronic health issues such as bone cancer. It does not end here, it helps in the diagnosis of diseases like bone infection, bone pain, stress fracture and bone-related pathology as well.


To sum up it would be reasonable to say that because of the uses and importance attached with the radiopharmaceuticals in the field of medicines in diagnosing some major diseases likecancer and for therapeutic purposes like cardiology and oncology, its market is expected to grow more in the future. In the developed countries because of the advancements and high capital investments these markets are going to be more profitable in the near future and in the developing countries they will be growing at a higher pace in long run.

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