Rabies, a very commonly heard yet lesser known disease spreads because of Rabies Vaccinethe animal bite of an infected animal. The viruses are transmitted via the saliva of the animal to a human being or any other animal. The Vaccine for rabies is available both for prevention beforehand and for the post spread virus and infection.

New aspects of rabies vaccine market

Let's call spade a spade. Rabies is not as easy to cure as it seems to be. Although there is a medical treatment available for the same, but the market driving factors i.e., the cost of these vaccines are around $40 in Asia whereby earnings of people are $1-2 per member, so the rabies vaccine markets are available but not accessible, due to which globally over 95% of the deaths are caused by rabies all over Asia and Africa. Keeping this in view WHO, the world health organization for animals, in alliance with FAO and Global alliance for rabies control have oathed to bring the human deaths caused by rabies to zero by 2030 with the help of rabies vaccine market industry at a global level.

The recent market research also came up with the news that almost 3,50,000 rabies vaccination baits will be air dropped in a few countries this spring, whereby the packets as in the baits will be having rabies vaccine coated with fishmeal which on being airdropped will be consumed by animals making them vaccined for rabies. Alike a coin this situation has two faces too. Whereby on the heads side the vaccine is inaccessible, the tails side gives a ray of hope suggesting the idea of getting animals (mostly dogs) vaccinated instead in order to avoid the spread of disease.

Knowing more about rabies and its vaccine

The researchers say that rabies is more prevalent in the children of 5-14 years of age and mostly results in death due to the incapability to access the vaccination for the same. Another lesser known fact is that though there are thousands of deaths due to rabies every year, yet they are very rarely reported and thereby the statistical data does not show a very clear picture of the situation actually prevailing.

How about spreading awareness regarding the same among people and training the pets in a suitable way too, in order to completely avoid such a situation? This sounds quite in a way suitable too. As they say prevention is always better than cure.

In order to prevent the situation there is a necessity to keep your pets infection free, by getting regular medical checkups and getting them vaccinated as and when required. Though people are a lot in a way in the favor of having pets nowadays but unfortunately they fail to take good care of them ending up being affected by them too.


Now in order to put a halt to this blogand to sum up the discussion, the global rabies vaccine market can lend a helping hand to heal this pathetic situation of increasing numbers of deceased people every year because of rabies, by making the vaccine economical and accessible to people who are in the need of it. And on the part of general public, we people need to be aware and make others aware about this too and could possibly join hands with WHO, FAO and the global alliance for rabies control to achieve the target of zero human deaths by rabies by 2030, by creating suitable funds and lending a part of our extra earnings towards this noble cause and get the blessings of someone in need.

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