Laser TechnologyOver the course of time, many developments have often given out the best of results when it comes to physical appearances and changes in the way we really look. Sometimes, there are certain parts about one’s body that he or she may not be very proud of, or may bring their self-confidence down. And so, all such materials lead us to understand that it is not all the chemicals, but also all the benefits that they are actually giving us.

Why is laser in everyday news?

The global laser technology market is anticipated to garner USD 15.38 billion by the end of 2022, while registering itself at a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period. A few of the major market drivers of this market industry are increasing need from the healthcare segment, and adaption of nano- and micro devices, along with improved performance over conventional material processing technologies.With all the good things about boosting up confidence in a human being, laser is in the end, a technology and chemical based product that does not cater to all body types all the time. Therefore, recent newspapers have been writing aggressively about the number of people having side-effects and their surgeries going terribly wrong because of lasers.

The effects of laser and how it functions

Laser, simply put, are devices that use light and heat energy and emit some heat for it to be used on certain skin types and other purposes. ‘Laser’ is a short form of ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. This change of energy is what causes most laser operations to take place all over the globe and this is how a typical laser actually works. For example, for laser cutting, special lasers are used and what makes them different from a simple light emitting object is basically, because of the ‘tight spot’ that the light is focussed on and how it just emits light on that very spot and makes heat emission and therefore, the operation easier.

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Lasers are used cosmetically in a lot of different surgeries because these days, the number of surgeries is increasing. Since these options are now available, more number of people is taking to lasers. The simplest form that was till date the most famous is that of hair removal. People pay thousands and lakhs of rupees to get their hair removed form the entire body. This also costs a lot because laser devices are used only by professionals and should always be carefully used for all methods.


Different firms and factories are producing this energy and are utilising this for different reasons and one of the biggest ones is definitely lighting. One would be able to notice how laser lighting is used n different shows and sometimes during operations and by the police for investigation. This serves are one of the biggest functions of lasers.