It is always said that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ But sometimes botoxwe forget, that in today’s day and time, it often means beauty actually lies in the eye muscles where you just inject, and suddenly your face is wrinkle-free and beautiful again. And what must this be? This is the ‘Botox’ method of life, and it works magically for some people. But Botox involves a lot more than just an injection and a purely wrinkle-free face.

Market Demand for Botox

In 2016, the global Botox market generated revenue of approximately USD 3500 million and the existent production is approximately 18.5 million vials. This market industry developed rapidly along a CAGR of 12.4%. The global market of this industry is driven by factors such as substantiated economic recovery in developed countries such as the United States, assisted by elevating awareness amongst the population of the several types of facial injectables that are available to them. Companies like Allergen are focussing on Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing and this has proven to be quite efficient in intensifying patient demographics to broader range of people from exclusive wealthy individuals.

How one gets a Botox and how it functions

This might seem like a very simple procedure; this really takes up a lot of time and effort, and a lot of detailing needs to be kept in mind. And this happens because of the tissues and the muscles involved in this process. Botox, as we call it, is actually a well-produced drug that is pulled out and placed inside a syringe and is inserted on the ‘wrinkled’ part of the face. Once this happens, the drug actually paralyzes the muscles around that area. As this happens, it becomes easier to insert the drug into the system and it becomes more affective.

Now, as important as it is to understand the working of this drug, it is also crucial to understand what this drug is made of. Just like numerous other drugs, this type of drug emerges from some type of bacteria named clostridium botulinum, and in simpler terms, this drug is also known to all the doctors as botulinum toxin.

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Cosmetically removing or adding in a few things into the human body has become rather common in current times. However, what makes it different is that sometimes, these surgeries become dangerous and do not suit that type of body. It is often said and even tested that they always leave a positive impact and the surgeries are often successful, however, in order to maintain this kind of look, patients are often prescribed medicines and are not very feasible, and neither is this entire process, but it has been used by a lot of people around the world.


Botox is definitely something that might have more positive points than negative, but sometimes the negative points can actually become more dangerous and can outweigh a lot of good things that comes out of it. Recent reports have also shown that it is not only all fancy, but is also known to be a ‘deadly’ toxin that spreads across the body of an individual who gets Botox done and does not continue the medicines prescribed to them. Therefore, one has to be careful before getting this done.