Lavender Essential Oil Lavender essential oil is widely known as the most multipurpose and versatile oil as compared to all the other essential oils. Lavender oil is derived from distillation process of lavender plant which is an evergreen, easy-to-grow shrub which gives rise to clumps of small scented flowers on top of silvery-gray or green foliage. The essential oil extracted from lavender is a complex mixture of naturally occurring phytochemicals that include linalyl acetate and linalool. One of the most famous lavender oil produced is the Kashmir lavender oil at the foothills of the Himalayas. According to a survey done on lavender essential oil market, in 2011, the biggest producer of this essential oil in the world is Bulgaria. The oil is well-known for its relaxation effects on the entire body and also, lavender from the therapeutic grade has been supremely considered for enhancing the skin. It has a peculiar fragrance which relaxes, calms, and balances one emotionally and physically. Lavender essential oil can act as a personal first aid kit since it can be used to clean bruises, cuts and any other type of skin irritations. Superior quality lavender oil consists of a floral, sweet, slight woody and herbaceous scent. Lavender essential oil has a tinge of color that ranges from pale yellow to yellow-green; however it can also be colorless sometimes.

Health Benefits of Lavender essential oil:

The various health benefits of lavender oil include the fact that it can relieve pain, alleviate nervous tension, soothe itchy skin and scalp, improve blood circulation and help is treating respiratory problems. The oil is widely used in aromatherapy and several other aromatic preparations and combinations that are fabricated using lavender oil. It has been proved that lavender oil blends easily with a few other essential oils such as pine, cedarwood, nutmeg, clary sage and germanium. Presently, lavender essential oil is widely used in many aromatherapy oil, infusion, soaps, lotions and gels.

  • Insect Repellent – lavender oil has a fragrance that is potent for several types of insects such as midges, mosquitoes, and moths. In case bitten, lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help decrease irritation and the pain linked with the insect bites.
  • Acne Control – again, due to the anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil, applying this with the help of a cotton-bud on the affected acne area will treat the acne early and prevent it from spreading.
  • Diuretic - this essential oil is great for urinary disorder due to its stimulating effect on production of urine. Moreover, it assists in restituting the hormonal imbalance and reduces cysts or inflammation of the bladder.

Besides all of these, lavender essential oil is very beneficial for hair growth, sleep related disorders, blood circulation, respiratory disorders, and immunity.

Disclaimer: The information given in this write-up is purely for educating the reader. It is not meant to be a substitute for any advice from a medical expert.