Algae OilAlgae oil is extracted from plant source algae;basically,it is made from microalgae plant in the algae family. Algae oil is much important due to its natural composition of fattyacid. It is having high monounsaturated fat we know as MUFA’s content, with low saturated fat content. The algae are grown in thecontrolled and pure environment, in which beer, wine, and several vitamins are made. It is kind of feed plant sugar, which makes oil in just a few days. Same as coconut and seed oils, algae is pressed for extraction of oils, after which the extracted oil is refined and bottled for further use. The remaining algae are used for making renewable energy and for many other products, means there’s no waste product leftover. Consideration of taste and appearance, the oil comes with natural, clean, slightly lemony flavor and has ayellowish color similar to olive oil.

Algae oil comes with the highest smoke point of approx. 485°F among all the other oils. The highest smoke point makes it amazingly versatile oil, as it can be used multi-purposely like from stir frying, dressing, and searing as well. Due to its light taste, it will not mellow down other flavors of the foods. This oil consists of astaxanthin which is popularly known for being a powerful anti-oxidant. Other algae oils present on the market provide various benefits from Omega 3’s. One such report on algae oil market shows that algae oil comes with DHA supplements without the toxicity associated as compared to low-quality fish oils.This oil helps to improve nervous system issues and inflammation. Algae oil is well known toreduce the risk of acardiovascularproblem and heart arrhythmias.Algae oil strengthens hair scalps and helps prevent hair loss. Additionally,it is also used for skin care as the anti-inflammatory effect of the oil helps treat acne, eczema and all types of dermatitis.